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The first road on the left as you enter the High Street from the Roundabout is Ivelbury Close, which was built on the site of Ivelbury House.


Cecilia Sharpley (nee Ashton) lived in Ivelbury House, Buckden in the early 1950s. “My father restored the garden and we all loved our years living there before moving to Australia. My sister Teresa, brother Philip and I would love to be able to know anything about the house and its residents before us. Any old photos would also be wonderful. I began at Buckden School and then Huntingdon Grammar School”

Coloured photo thanks to Paul Kirschner

“I just found this old photo which shows the front gate of Ivelbury, but I think it was replaced with a different one when we lived there”.


“Does anything of the old garden remain? There was a huge yew tree to the left of this last photo which had a little shed partly built into the trunk of the tree. A brick wall went all along the boundary between us and the Vine/George and peaches and nectarines grew against this wall each year. The orchard had an amazing collection of apples, pears, plums including greengages, goldengages, Victoria and others. There was a medlar tree, quince and a huge walnut tree”.

Ivelbury House: Activities
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